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27 days until the Queen’s return

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"There’s a lot of tension between them. I like to think of them as eight-year-olds in third grade, pulling each other’s hair when they someone, or punching a girl in the shoulder on the playground. They’re working together, they’re fighting together but it’s just all that frustrated built-up tension and sexual attraction that they don’t know how to be adult about." 

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Sarah Wayne Callies: I would love Lori. I adore her. I’ve never quite understood the camp of people who’ve got problems with her. From what I can tell, from talking to people, very few of them are women. I think she’s a powerhouse and I don’t think she apologizes for her decisions. She’s made mistakes, as everybody has. I have an enormous amount of respect for the heart with which she lives her life.

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OQ Smut Fic: Heat


“What do you want?” 

She doesn’t even lift her head when the words pass from her lips, and Robin has to smirk, shutting the door swiftly behind him, making sure it’s locked. He stands there for a moment, maintaining the distance between them for now. 

“I’ve actually come here to help you, Regina.”

When she realizes it’s him - the sound of his voice finally pulling her attention away from the paperwork on her desk - a faint smirk plays on her lips, as though she’s trying not to smile because it’s what he wants, and she can’t give in that easily. 

Help me? How?” 

The haughty expression on her face is maddening, and he already needs to have his mouth on hers, but he waits, he waits

“No guesses at all?” He takes a step forward, folding his hands loosely in front of him. His virtuous facade belies the wicked gleam in his eyes foretelling of some plan he’s concocted that is in no way innocent. 

“I’m supposed to guess?” Regina leans back in her chair, holding a pen between both hands and deliberately allowing her eyes to rake over his form. He’s wearing jeans - dark, form-fitting jeans that she helped him find when they went shopping together - and a navy blue button-down shirt with his sleeves rolled up, and he knows she likes what she’s seeing, since the entire outfit was her doing.

Likewise, his own eyes are fixated on her, particularly on her baby blue button down blouse, and he’s preoccupied thinking over how much he’d like to slowly undo that top while his lips taste her skin. 

“I’ve come here to rescue you from what I’m certain is a mundane afternoon.” 

Her chin lifts, as though she’s offended, but he knows better. “I’m doing important work here, Robin. Are you here for a purpose, or just wasting my time?” 

He’s not in any way deterred by the clipped words; in fact, he’s even more determined, loving this playful tango between them, and knowing her well enough to recognize that she’s enjoying it just as much. 

Affecting an overly heavy sigh, she resumes the task at hand, attending to her paperwork some more, though Robin presses both hands to her desk, leaning over her while he takes her pen presumptuously. The moment she looks up, he captures her lips in a deep kiss, and her hand presses firmly to the back of his neck, anchoring him to her mouth and refusing to let him drift from this spot. 

Apart from the papers on her desk, there’s nothing in the way, so in one swift motion, the desk is cleared, leaving room for Regina to stretch out as Robin straddles her. He’s not entirely sure it would be wise to remain in this position for too long, but he wants to get her top off first. 

“This is ridiculous,” she still tries to insist, though her breathless confession is a clear giveaway that she doesn’t mean what she’s saying. 

“And this?” He queries, nipping lightly at the pulse point of her neck, knowing what the touch will do to her. 

The loud groan that falls from her lips is the only answers he needs, and it makes him smile. He decides to suck lightly in that same spot, fully aware that it will excite her nerve endings and make her ache with want. With his mouth occupied, Robin reaches down to unbutton her, but he takes his time to purposefully prolong her suffering, which she berates him about. 

“Faster,” she urges, dragging her nails across the skin of his neck.

“Patience, love.”

“To hell with patience,” Regina buries her laugh in another groan, her hips jerking up when his tongue slides across the smooth column of her throat. 

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Fan art for the lovely outlawqueensituation's When Everything You Have Is Nothing, found here



Fan art for the lovely outlawqueensituation's When Everything You Have Is Nothing, found here


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Q: There’s been a recurring theme on the show where the villain tends to end up being related to the general family. — (x)

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S’mores - Outlaw Queen smut one shot

I had to write s’more porn. It was inevitable, really.


Her laugh is rich and filled with delight as he licks dark chocolate from his thumb. “And what was this called?” he asks in amusement.

They’re both naked, the fire crackling behind them, and her smile is making the sides of her eyes crinkle. “A s’more. Usually for eating during a camping trip in the woods. But, since you live in the woods I thought we’d make it a treat for inside.”

"Yes, living in the woods. I’ve been thinking about that."


He watches her tongue lick around the edge of the graham cracker, his mouth going dry for a moment. “I think I could be persuaded to make my residence indoors.”

"Are you inviting yourself to move in with me?"

"Would you deny such a request?" He hopes to help persuade her, even if he’s fairly positive she’ll agree. Lips drag down her neck slowly, pause at her collarbone as teeth drag across her skin delicately, delighting in the way she tenses before relaxing and dragging her fingers through his hair.

"Isn’t this…a bit cramped for your taste? The indoors, I mean."

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hey i know i have a lot of ASD friends for whom autoplay is a really awful thing so here is a really nice option, stay safe friends

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OUATIW appreciation week | day seven 
free choice: favourite quote

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"I will never love again"

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Looks like a fun gang.